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InfuCare Rx Health, a digital care management platform, offers a complete infusion care ecosystem in the palm of your hand. The innovative technology delivers personalized digital medicine to patients, prescribers, and partners anytime, anywhere. We look forward to welcoming you to the InfuCare Rx Health experience!


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  • Real-time data
  • Live chat

Innovation A customized digital health solution


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Patients Improving Quality of Life, One Patient at a Time

InfuCare Rx Health is a digital health portal that provides a user-friendly, convenient solution through the approval and on-boarding processes. You will be “in the know” from start to finish regarding your individualized care plan through real-time communication with your dedicated InfuCare Rx team members. This revolutionary comprehensive infusion care ecosystem includes secure video and phone call capabilities between you and your physician for enhanced monitoring of your overall infusion experience. Our mission is to empower our patients by creating solutions while connecting you on an emotional and personal level during your healthcare journey.


  • Effective and efficient communication
  • Safe, secure patient information
  • Streamlined refill management
  • On-demand patient education
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Access to expert clinical team
  • Referral progress tracker
  • Manage supply inventory requests
  • Access to satisfaction surveys
  • Promotes empowerment and engagement

Prescribers Innovating, Collaborating, Providing Award-Winning Care

InfuCare Rx Health provides safe and effective access to your patients’ outcomes in real-time. Prescribers can utilize a customized dashboard view of all active patients. Our integrated mobile medical portal offers a digital solution to improve ease of patient care and transparency. Regular communication regarding patient compliance, therapy adherence, outcomes and potential side effects enables you to quickly address any treatment issue and avoid delays. In addition, this proprietary digital care platform features complimentary telemedicine services to streamline the care of your infusion patients, while delivering more preventative care and improved outcomes.


  • Expedited patient referral
  • Streamlined admissions & refill processes
  • Real-time custom reports
  • Digital forms and electronic signature
  • Up-to-date nursing notes
  • Onboarding and outcomes tracker
  • Review patient progress
  • Instant patient lab results and reports
  • Reduction of phone calls by more than 50%
  • Swift approval interventions

Health Systems Seamless Transitions, Coordinated with your Trusted Partner

InfuCare Rx Health provides health systems with a HIPAA-compliant digital solution to ensure a seamless hospital-to-home transition every step of the way. Healthcare teams can view the infusion patient’s discharge process to avoid patient care delays while receiving real-time status updates. Once your patient is safely transitioned and under our care, your facility will have customized access to co-monitor progress, ensuring safety and efficiency throughout the infusion therapy treatment. Our technology provides the tools required to elevate the quality of care of your infusion patients, while enabling you to capture pertinent information from authorization to therapy tolerance.


  • Streamlined patient referral process
  • Expedited benefit checks & response time
  • Specific patient outcomes reporting
  • Access to patient lab results and reports
  • Individualized patient care plans
  • Interface with dedicated team members
  • Educational videos and patient assessment tools
  • Expedited digital forms and electronic signature
  • Reduction of phone calls by greater than 50%
  • Customizable patient data

Nursing Nursing Home Infusion Services

We are proud of our Nursing Center of Excellence offering in-home, patient-centered infusion services. Our compassionate, specialty trained infusion therapy nurses are experienced in managing patients with complex conditions. The nurses at InfuCare Rx are equipped with a state-of-the-art mobile app that helps them capture key patient health information. Our educational content is focused on patient disease state management, while guiding the patient through wellbeing activities to keep them healthy and help improve their quality of life.

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